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Details and Previews Pin PaLooza Collectables for a Cause

Many of you are asking "Where are the pins" "How do I buy them?"


The Pin Sale blog will go live at noon 1/25/14 Eastern time and last for 3 hours.

There is no advance look at the pins except for photos in these preview blogs.


Here are the instruction for purchase:

PLEASE refresh your browser to make sure you have the most current page.

Please remember this is a fundraiser not a flea market :)

Here's how it works.
** The following pins are offered for sale at the stated price.

** You leave a comment below stating the ITEM number of the pin(s) you wish to purchase.

** I will go through the comments in the order they ARE received. I will publish your comment with the pin #s you requested that are available.

** I will then put a HOLD with your first name and first initial last name on the pin description.

** Within 48 hours I will send you the link information for my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and you will have 24 hours to make your donation. Once that happens Avon will send you an email confirmation. Forward me a copy of the donation receipt along with your shipping address -- pins will be mailed within a few days. I will pay US shipping of pins.

Your ENTIRE purchase price goes directly to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Account. I pay US postage. You get pin(s) you want and a charity deduction too! I raise money and reduce my pin collection.

Thank you PinPics.com - Links on the pin names go to the PinPics.com website (with their permission) so you can learn more about the pin. In some cases, photos and/or descriptions are from PinPics.com and used with their permission.

SALE ENDS PROMPTLY AT 3:00pm Eastern Time


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Comments (5)


I missed the Superstar Television pin last time

Kathleen B:

62612 WDI - Stitch Dressed in Cast Member Costumes - Haunted Mansion

Pin 41705 - Disney Dogs with Stitch ( Dalmatians

Pin 33857 - Lilo & Stitch as Belle & Beast

Pin 76177 - Guest Star Stitch Set (Ariel Only)

DEB: Unfortunately I don't have any of these pins. But there are lots of cool Stitch pins so check back Jan 25th at noon.

Michael Carrello:

Thanks Deb, I can't wait! Who am I kidding, I love all Disney Pins, and will be interested in any of them. We are heading down in March with my wife and kids, and they can't wait to pin trade again!

Kathleen B:

Pin #34316 - Stitch as Sorcerer
Pin #39127 - Stitch as Maleficent

Sorry don't have either of those.

Michael Carrello:

Oh boy, I hope I'm doing this right Deb!!
82555, 74234, 45530, 37170, 80500, 13368, 79833, 54553, 39672, 27979, 28861, 27547, 49510. Those are all stitch, kind of have a thing for him.
Any Beauty and the Beast pins.
This is for an awesome cause!

Michael - wish I could help but I don't have any of those stitch pins. There is one Beauty and the Beast pin in the sale. I'll see if I have any more. Thanks for commenting!

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The next post in this blog is Pin Palooza Starts NOON Today.

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