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Magic Kingdom Walk About - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Testing Video

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December 17th was a picture perfect beautiful weather day so I headed to the Magic Kingdom. (Click on any photo for a larger image)

It was great to see the Christmas tree on Main Street. It wasn't up on my last Magic Kingdom visit in late November due to upcoming Christmas Day Show taping.


With the beautiful blue sky, all the holiday decorations just popped. It wasn't too crowded in the park during the morning, since Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party was in the evening.





Work continues on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Many workers were on the mountain doing exterior work. I'm guessing there was plenty of action inside as well :) The Vultures from Snow Whites Scary Adventures are in place. It will be interesting to see how they fit in with the landscape.




In Liberty Square you could still purchase Halloween Mickey popcorn buckets are well as Santa Mickey ones!


Beautiful view of Big Thunder Mountain


It seemed as though a number of carts were being set up around the park for the holiday crowds. Here is one right next to Westward Ho Refreshments.


Tortuga Tavern was open with their regular "taco" menu, not the holiday buffet.


I finally got to experience the Jingle Jungle Cruise. Let me just say I was totally UNDERwhelmed.


More photos of the Jingle Jungle Cruise HERE

The decorations were sparse.... basically only in the queue.....


.....and if you used FastPass you missed one of the larger holiday displays.


The boat names were changed, but only one side of the sign was altered.


Our Skipper, Allie, was absolutely great and she definitely made the cruise!!!! But other than her, I was like, really?! It just seemed like it was thrown together to say there was something "new".



Before heading out, I went up the train station to get a view of Main Street. It really is beautiful!



After leaving the Magic Kingdom I went to the Grand Floridian and caught the Gingerbread House making demo and then wandered to the Polynesian to check out the holiday decor.

Here is a tour of the Polynesian Holiday Decor:

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I think folks have universally missed the point of "Jingle Cruise." Disney's own announcements said it was to be a very minor overlay - essentially the skippers feeling lonely and missing home, and decorating the boats and boathouse with some Christmas stuff from home. It's not like skippers would run out and "decorate" the animals in a jungle, right? And it's not like the skippers (if you're following the storyline) could afford to import the same level of decor as your local shopping mall. Imagine a bunch of low-income teenagers decorating work on their own - you'd get half-redone boat names, something they could throw together on the cheap. That's the point of the theme. The "overlay" was always meant to be just a minor nod to the holidays, not a Haunted Mansion-level makeover (a la Disneyland's).


Yup, agreed on the Jingle Jungle Cruise. I thought I was missing something once I got on the boat.

cathy mullen:

Hi Deb,
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.
I wish I could be back again but your photos bring back happy memories when I met you and Jack Spence and Barrie. I just wish it had been warmer that year! LOL


Great summation, Deb. We also thought the Jingle Cruise was underwhelming and certainly not worth wasting a fast pass. Merry Christmas to you and the All Ears gang!


Awww! I love all the garlands hanging over Main Street. It's been about 15 years since our family visited WDW during the holidays. I miss seeing all the decorations, as Disney does a fabulous job with them.

Denise Lareau:

I agree I was underwhelmed by the jingle cruise. I expected more decorations.


I really wish I understood why Disney's Christmas trees are so perfectly conical. I mean they all but scream: "I'm plastic". Could they really not try to make them look a little more natural?

Larry Dewey:

Love the pics Deb! Thanks for all the WDW info posted.
Looking forward to seeing you in May.
Have a Wonderful Holiday!!


thanks for the photos and the videos was very nice, looking forward to more, have a great Holiday and a very happy new year

Mary Beth:

Thank you! Just love your pictures. It takes one back their when you can't be there. Christmas is the best time for us at Walt Disney World. May be next year. Have a wonderful Holiday and Happy new year Thank you for all you do.

Deb: thanks so much Mary Beth! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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The next post in this blog is Deb looks back at 2013 ......

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