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Re-imagined California Grill Videos and Photos

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Today I had the opportunity to tour the re-imagined California Grill at the Contemporary Resort. It is truly beautiful.

California Grill

In this blog, I'll sprinkle some information along with the photos. You'll also find video interviews with Chef Brian Piasecki, Manager/Sommelier Michael Scheifler, and Imagineer Debbie Peterson.

California Grill

From the moment you walk off the elevator you know California Grill has totally changed in look and feel.

California Grill

California Grill

As the elevator doors open, a huge wine display, with almost 300 bottles of wine from all over the world, fills your view.

California Grill

The beautiful vistas are still there but the new windows make it seem all encompassing!

Disney Legend, Mary Blair's work was the inspiration for the 1950s design.

California Grill

California Grill

California Grill

California Grill

California Grill

In fact the Monterey Room has photos of Mary Blair and replicas of her artwork.

California Grill

How about this for a retro looking yet sophisticated bar?


The capacity of the restaurant has not changed but the seating configurations are different. There are more tables for two and new booths too.

California Grill

California Grill

California Grill

Here's a glimpse at the new kitchen.

California Grill

California Grill

The redesigned Sushi area will have a Japanese "Chef's Table" area with the Omakase experience.

California Grill

California Grill

This evening I will return to California Grill to sample some of the food and beverage offerings which will be on the menu.

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The previous post in this blog was Interview with Brian Piasecki Chef de Cuisine at California Grill.

The next post in this blog is Adventures by Disney Scotland - Almost Time - Part 1.

Comments (12)


Have the Napa and Sonoma rooms been re-imagined similarly to the rest of the restaurant? I hope to use Napa for my wedding reception late next year and would like to use the color palette from the carpet and decor as inspiration for my wedding colors!


Is there going to be a lounge still for those who wish to partake in some sushi and drinks for the Fireworks, or do you need to make reservations for the whole restaurant?


I also noticed the 2 seat tables are 6 inches apart and the good window tables are all 4 seat tables. Will they let 2 people sit at the good window tables??


Any idea how they plan to use the communal tables? I'm wondering if people have to specify in advance that they want (or don't want) to be there, or whether they just randomly force a bunch of strangers together at a table.

Deb: I was told they were for large parties first. Then if you wanted to sit with others you could. I don't believe they will force anyone to sit there. It could be that space is available there sooner then a particular table.

Sherry Calcagno:

Will every seat give each person a good view of the fireworks, are there seats without views?

Deb: It's just like before, some seats are better than others. But there are now 2 outside balconies to view the fireworks from!


Have the balconies remained open for guests of the Grill only?

Deb: I believe the balconies are only for CGrill guests. However, if you have an early dinner and want to return for later fireworks, you can do that. (Just keep your receipt to show if needed).

Ron Stalsberg Jr:

It looks great. We have been dining at CG since it opened years ago. In fact it is the onlt WDW restaurant that we eat at on every visit. We will be dining again on my wife's birthday Sept. 14. One of the things I do wish they had would not of gone to was the tables for (2). It was so nice to be able to dine at a fine dining restaurant and not have to sit inches away from your neighbor.


My wife and I have waited all year to book the grill, and it looks like we waited for all the right reasons :) we have 2 nights booked already for December when we will returning for our Honeymoon and can't wait to experience the new restaurant! LOOKS GREAT!


We have reservations for dinner next Saturday


Does the Monterey Room replace the Napa or Sonoma rooms, or is it a new space?

DEB: It is where the old wine room was, far back on right past the bar and sushi counter.

Gene Thibodeaux:

Nice photos and commentary. Looks like the prices of the food and drink will be going up $$$$+?!


Take me! Take me! So jealous! Enjoy.

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