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Penguin Up-Close Tour at SeaWorld Orlando

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SeaWorld has added a new tour to compliment their newest attraction, Antarctica Empire of the Penguins. I recently was invited by SeaWorld to experience the tour.

The approximate 45 minute experience begins with an introduction to Antarctica and the penguins.


Then journey backstage to meet one of the Aviculturalists and learn about the care, feeding and even breeding of the penguins. With almost 250 penguins, Seaworld keeps track of everything from who they pair up with, when they hatched, molting, and much more.




While all the information was fascinating, I couldn't wait to get to actually see the penguins up close and actually pet one. Once inside the habitat I found it fascinating to watch the penguins, they are quite inquisitive. Our time inside the habitat was about 15 minutes! I could have stayed longer, but then I usually can when it comes to wildlife.







If you love Penguins, be sure to include this in your schedule!

Important Notes:

You do not get to ride the attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins as part of the tour.

The penguin habitat is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. I brought a fleece hat and jacket to wear (even tho it was 90 degrees outside) and was quite comfortable. Many of the others on my tour were shivering.

Seasonal price starting at $59 ages 10 and up, $39 ages 3-9 plus tax. Pass Members save 10% by booking online or calling 1-888-800-5447.

Would love to hear your thoughts once you've taken the tour!

DISCLAMIER: I was a guest of SeaWorld Orlando and did not pay for the tour.

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I took the new penguin tour back in June. The tour itself was really great, we spent probably closer to half an hour in there, and got to interact with a baby king penguin (all brown and fluffy and softer than you'd expect), as well as two adult penguins. Our guides made sure everyone got time with the penguins, and we didn't feel too rushed. By that point, you're cold enough to want to move on.

But it would be nice if they included a Skip-the-line for the ride. And while I had my camera with me, there were no park-run photos. Several years ago, I had the chance to go behind the scenes after a penguin keeper presentation, which was similar to the tour, shorter but more personal, and they snapped and printed out a photo.

And yes, it is very pricey for the amount of time you spend. Over at Busch Gardens, for $69 you can take the Serengeti Night Safari. So for $10 more than the penguins, you get a three hour tour after park closing, with walking tour, giraffe feeding, campfire, appetizers, desserts, and drinks (soda, beer, wine, and a South African liqueur). As much as I love penguins, this tour really isn't a very good value.


I don´t like this. It´s remember me "Happy Feet!". Poor penguins...

Anne Mitchell:

Don't you think $59 for a 45 minute tour is awful pricey? I adore penguins too, but it doesn't sound like you are getting much for the money.

Heather Hynes:

What a great time! We did the penguin tour about 2008 and we had a great time.. The penguins were just so cute! It was cold back stage! We do get to see Penguins during Christmastown here in Busch Gardens Williamsburg every year and they normally come from Sea World Orlando or Sea World Texas...

Kelly M:

Thanks for this review Deb, I am really looking forward to taking this tour in the future.
I took the Penguin tour a few years ago in the old exhibit and highly recommended it (we met the gorgeous Ludwig), I am sure this will be even better!

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