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Epcot's 30th Anniversary

October 1st was filled with many festivities to celebrate Epcot's 30th Anniversary.

Here is the Epcot 30th Anniversary Ceremony held in the American Gardens theatre. The video features Disney executives as well as Epcot entertainment.

The special IllumiNations finale video...

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Thank you for video-ing this, we were there and when I try to explain to people what we saw, well, words just couldn't do it justice! I have never seen sooooo many fireworks in the sky at once, it was better than I could have imagined! Ash rained down on us and the volume sounded like a war, but it was SPECTACULAR! I swear I could have read a newspaper, it was so bright from the sparkles!! Thank you for all you do, it wouldn't be a great WDW vacation if you at AllEars weren't on the job!


Thank you for this!!Epcot is my favourite park and living in the U.K. we can't get there as often as I would like wish we were there this year to celebrate!!!


I do miss the days when they lit up each country during Illuminations, I wish they would bring that back. I love the video on the globe in the lagoon but it really needs to be much bigger to see what is being shown on it. Bring back the Tapestry of Nations parade (the original one, before it became Tapestry of Dreams), the music was so beautiful as was the whole experience, it made me cry!


Back in 1990....Epcot had the best Fireworks show of Illuminations in the history of Disneyworld Fireworks .....when they lit up each country and played the music from that country saving the USA for the last and the best. People would come from all the other theme Parks just to see "Illuminations"..at least once in their lifetime. Now they have the "Worst" Fireworks. It takes 20 minutes just to get to the ball or whatever they do and the Fireworks take all of 5 minutes. Seems like alot less. People loose interest really fast.
Disneyworld should bring back the Original Illuminations (and that great music) and put this "New" one away... never to be used again.


We watched the show from the water's edge at the Germany Pavilion. The video doesn't do justice to the experience. It wasn't quite what they did for the 4th of July, but at one point, you would have thought the sky was on fire. :)


Hi Deb,

Wasn't it an Amazing day? I wanted it to never end....
It was great that I got to see you at the AG Theatre while waiting for the ceremony to begin. And thanks again for the trading card.

So much happened to me all in just one day! I was fortunate enough to be seated right next to Meg Crofton, Jim MacFee and Erin Youngs and had a really nice conversation with Meg. Jim even took my camera and snapped a shot of my Mom and I with Meg!

I finally got to meet Jeff & Denise and Jeff introduced me to Ron Schneider (Bring back Dreamfinder!)

And if all that wasn't enough, I got to briefly meet Marty Sklar after the ceremony!

Another Great Day at Epcot....

~ Johnny

Amanda Jenkins:

Oh how beautiful! I wish I could have been there for the celebration. The finale took my breath away. Thank you so much for sharing this with us who were unable to see it!


Hi Deb,
Just wondering if you know if WDW/Epcot will release this new IllumiNations "mash-up" of finale music?

ALLEARS: Have not heard this at all, would be nice tho, right?

Jennifer A. McFarland:

Spectacular. The ending was great! Wish I was there. Sigh...

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