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D23 Expo - Day One - September 10, 2009

D23 Expo Logo

(Scroll down for today's annoucements and photographs which will be added throughout the day)

Today is the first official day of the D23 Expo. The AllEars team will be reporting live whenever possible.

Doors open at 8am for D23 members and at 9am for the general public.

The Expo begins with 2 blockbuster events:
10am Bob Iger opens the Expo
11am Disney Legends Ceremony

Other highlights today include (but hardly limited to):The Magic in the Art of Disney Stamps
The World of Vintage Disneyland In Color
ABCs of Disney
Haunted Mansion Sounds and Music
An Afternoon with Imagineering Legends

The All Ears® Reporters will be posting text, audio and photos to Twitter.

AllEars® Team Coverage: http://twitter.com/D23Expo_AllEars

Deb Wills: http://twitter.com/allearsdeb


At the same time, AllEars® team member Jack Marshall will be back home, copying our Twitter photos and combining them with this daily blog. So, you can follow us either here, on Twitter or on Facebook.

And as time allows, our photographs will be posted below. (Remember we are on West Coast Time!)

Today's Photos and announcements:

Cedric: half past 5am and already in a queue.
Line at 5:30 am

Cedric: the sun is out. so is Mickey and Pluto. Line is getting huge.
Sun is out

Cedric: The line still grows
Line still growing

Cedric: in line with voucher for d23 pins
Pin voucher

Sara: 1st Glimpse!!
1st Glimpse

Sara: Vicki and Annette setting up!
Vicki and Annette

Registration is open and the people are headed inside the bldg!
Registration is open

D23Expo Giveaways
D23 giveaways

Around 400 in line for Bob Iger already
Line for Bob Iger

Steve Barrett and Debbie Koma at D23 Expo
Steve and Debbie

Cedric: queueing up to go in the D23 arena. they're going to take our cameras
Cedric in line

Margaret Kerry (Tinkerbell) arrive for D23 Expo
Margaret Kerry

Beci: we just got the 5 min warning for doors and the arena queue is filling up!
5 minute warning

Beci: a little D23 display eye candy!
D23 eye candy

Expo photo op
Photo op

Dmk: mr. Lincoln in parks & resorts area
Abe Lincoln

Dmk: lucky the dino
Lucky the dino

Jeanine: It's time! Expo, baby! Expo!
It's time!

Beci: a hidden Steve Barrett with Stitch
Steve Barrett

Jeanine: Possibly the cutest plush ever. And they're giving out Steamboat Willie keychains!

Dmk: my hero! Wall-E

Sara: Beci and Deb stop NY WDW Radio!
Beci and Deb

I met Wall-E
Wall-E and Deb

Beci: Deb meeting Alison at the Mouse Fan Travel booth
Alison and Deb

Sara: Don Morin from PNW Meet and Deb Wills
Don Morin and Deb

Sara: Steve Barrett of Hidden Mickeys and his lovely wife Vicky
Steve and Vicky Barrett

Beci: Deanna Mongello and I had to check out the technology booth.
Deanna and Beci

Beci: Disney is running a food drive. It was fun to watch them stack the cans at set up
Food drive

Sara: Radio Disney is evil. We are all trying not to do the macarena! Already caved on YMCA on WDW Radio web cam.

Sara: happiness is...
Happiness is

Don: watched imagineer work on programmng the lincoln figure due to premier in december!!

Don: cars land looks to be spectacular, cant wait for 2012!! Ride will have several variations each time you ride...

Sara: Disney Tattoo Hit! Over 2000 Disney tattoos!
Disney tattoo man

Dmk: Cinderella carriage
Cinderella carriage

Sara: Justin Muchoney, former Disney CMO
Justin Muchoney

Jeanine: preview of Princess and the Frog looked really good--live performance by ANR was terrific! Got my phone back


Cedric: redeeming pin vouchers and getting some ears at the dream store.
pin vouchers and ears


Sara: Lou Mongello and Imagineer Jason Surrell
Lou Mongello and Imagineer Jason Surrell

Even PUSH came to the D23 Expo

Free AllEars hats by Deb at MouseFanTravel booth at D23 expo
AllEars Hats

Cedric: line for 2pm vintage disneyland is ridiculous. screening abc's modern fam
Modern fam

DMK: So enjoyed this morning's activities -- seeing Robin Williams and Betty White at the Disney Legends ceremony just

icing on the cake!

Jeanine: watched 20 minutes of Beauty and the Beast in 3D, with Don Hahn, Paige O'Hara, and Glenn Keane.

Cedric: layout for the upcoming mystic manor at hong kong disneyland.
Mystic Manor layout

Deb: Big surprise to see Disney Legend Art Linkletter in the audience -- sadly didn't get a photo.

DMK: Was also thrilled to watch 30 mins of Princess & the Frog -- really hooked me, can't wait to see the rest of the movie!

Artist Willardson in Collectors forum D23Expo
Artist Willardson

Mari and Alexander (from Australia) at D23expo
Mari and Alexander

DMK: Back to the convention -- this afternoon? Donny Osmond, Joseph Fienne, Kelsey Grammer and lots more Disney stuff!

Disney Fairytale Weddings at D23Expo
Disney Fairytale Weddings

Sara: Annette in her Volunt-ears

Artist signing by Ron Velasco and Anthony Whitfield
Ron Velasco and Anthony Whitfield

Cody Linley signs autographs
Cody Linley

In a long line for 4:30 Imagineering Legends
Line for Imagineering Legends

SO much to see and do! Carsland model at Themeparks area
Carsland model

Sara: Kevin Robinson the winner of our first drawing!
Kevin Robinson

Don: Wonderful World of Vintage Disneyland was excellent!! Tony Baxter & Ed Hobelman did a GREAT job. Many color

footage never seen before

Cedric: both sessions at storyteller's theatre filled up fast.

DMK: as close as i got to Donny Osmond
Donny Osmond

An afternoon with imagineering legends
imagineering legends

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The next post in this blog is D23 Expo - Day Two - September 11, 2009.

Comments (5)

Meagan :

Thank you for providing us with these details and pictures. It means a great deal to me to be able to attend virtually since I couldn't be there in person.


Thank you all for the wonderful photos & info on the Expo - I wish I could be there, but it's 8000 miles away for me! ;)
Looking forward to day 2...

Ashley Turner:

Ok this looks amazing Deb! Please let Steve Barrett know he looks just like John Locke from LOST! I so wish we were there!

Melody Salemi:

Thank you for the great updates! Love all the pics and tid bits coming from the Expo. This is 2nd best to actually being there! Thank you again!!!!

cathy mullen:

Boy we didn't have that many people at the teacher convention in April! I enjoyed the photos and showed my husband what the inside of the convention center looked like. I must admit that because I was retired I spent most of my time at DL and not at the convention!

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