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Quest for the West - Day Two

Dateline August 26, 2009 Jackson Hole Wyoming

Today's Theme: Western Majesty

The Itinerary:

This morning starts with breakfast at the resort and then we are on our own for the rest of the morning.

Lunch today is at the Jackson Hole Playhouse, an old fashioned theatre.

After lunch it's time for the Snake River and Whitewater Rafting! The Snake River has Class 2 and 3 rapids.

Next we are on our own to explore Jackson Hole for the rest of the afternoon, dinner and evening.

Enjoy Today's Photos (remember we are on Mountain time) :

View from our room in the Wort Hotel Wyoming
Room view

Downtown Jackson Hole WY
Downtown Jackson Hole

Walking around Jackson Hole WY - free time Adventures by Disney (AbD)
Walking around

My first bear sighting AbD Wyoming

Kathy and Tim stopping traffic.

Hotel exterior morning
Hotel exterior

At the local sports authority LOL!

Outside the Wort hotel. Its a Beautiful spring day.

Rustic museum in downtown Jackson

They really take their crosswalks seriously around here

Lunch and Show at Jackson Hole Playhouse
lunch and show

Ashley and Sam at Jackson Hole Playhouse
Ashley and Sam

DJ Mike Newell spins tunes at Jackson Hole Playhouse
DJ Mike Newell

Going to meet the boys for a cold sarsaparilla!
Going to meet the boys

Great fun at Jackson Hole Playhouse
Jackson Hole Playhouse

Fun at the Jackson Hole Playhouse

Lunch and a show in the wild west.

After lunch, Mike Newell writes: "Heading out for white water rafting. My fortune is buried in the backyard if i don't return."

The adventure begins... and we are dry.. for now.
Rafting begins

Not so much dry now....
Getting wet rafting

Our guide Daniel brought extra head protection.. Goofy ears!
Daniel has Goofy ears

A few of us jumped in to swim along in the calm section
Swimming in the calm water

As promised... a group photo from River rafting - day 2
Group rafting photo

about 5:30 p.m. Beci says: "Just finished white water rafting on the Snake River. Will upload pic later."

Mmmmm, it's dinner time... They say its the best BBQ in town. We will see!
Dinner time


After dinner, Beci says: "Time to pack 'em up & move 'em out! Check out of the hotel - head out to Yellowstone in the am! Cell/net will be iffy... so hang in there with us!"

At the end of the day, Mike Newell writes: "I think I will sleep very well tonight. Good night!"


Once the Adventure by Disney begins on August 25th, there are THREE ways you can follow us! With new social networking, we plan to do something a little different.

There is a program called "Twitpic" that allows one to send photos via a mobile phone directly to Twitter. Mike Newell, Beci Mahnken, and myself will be posting photos "live" via the Twitter network.

Deb Wills: http://twitter.com/AllEarsDeb
Mike Newell: http://twitter.com/MouseWorldRadio
Beci Mahnken: http://twitter.com/beci_mousefan

We also have our twitter accounts transmitting automatically to our Facebook accounts. So those of you who are "friends" can follow our adventures that way!


At the same time, AllEars team members Jack Marshall and Debbie Koma will be back home copying our Twitter photos and combining them this daily blog. So, you can follow us either here, on Twitter or on Facebook.

We have been told that there are areas where we will travel that have limited, if any, cell phone service, but we'll make it up once we get service back.

I hope this provides some cool ways for you to follow us on the adventure of a lifetime, an Adventure by Disney to Wyoming!

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