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Treehouse Villa Interior Tour Part 1

Here are some photographs and video of Treehouse Villa #7022. This villa was right next to the boat dock (which was extremely quiet).

Each Villa has a flight of steps to go up (even the accessible ones with ramps).

Treehouse Villa #7022

Treehouse Villa #7022

Once at the top you arrive to your wonderful deck and of course, the entrance to the villa itself.

As you open the entrance door, you walk into the central space of the Living Room and Kitchen.

Treehouse Villa #7022

Treehouse Villa #7022

Treehouse Villa #7022

Treehouse Villa #7022

Treehouse Villa #7022

Treehouse Villa #7022

Treehouse Villa #7022

Treehouse Villa #7022

Treehouse Villa #7022

When you stand at the entrance, look to your immediate right for a closet which contains the room safe, iron and ironing board. The room safe does NOT use a key, rather you can either enter a 4 digit code or use a credit card swipe.

Treehouse Villa #7022

Treehouse Villa #7022

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Comments (14)

Lillian Made:

This place is so cool. We are going there in March! :-)

M. Doren:

I have been considering the treehouse villa but I am concerned that it is far from the Saratoga Springs resort and it will be difficult for my kids to take advantage of the free refills for drinks that come with our food plan. Any thoughts?

Deb: While it's not far it is a good walk away and not like running to the food court at say a value or moderate resort. The refillable mugs will not be the best value is a tree houses. You will have a full kitchen and can stock it with sodas etc.... Make a grocery stop before you get there!

F. Weber:


Thanks for the great tour and description. A few nitty-gritty questions:

a) Are bed linens and towels supplied as part of the rental or do we have to bring them?

b) Are dishes or paper plates and cups provided, are dish and hand soaps provided, is bathroom tissue and paper hankies provided?

c) How is trash and garbage removal handled?

d) Any other servics provded and on what frequency?

Thanks, . . . FW

Yes, linens and towels are provided, as well as dishes, plates, cups and cooking utensils and all the rest.

If you pay cash for the room you get daily housekeeping which includes trash. If you stay on DVC points you get sevice every 4th day.


oh boy, am I the only one who is not in love with the interior of the tree-houses?

This would not be a driving force in my decision to buy into DVC


I really appreciate all this helpful info! We always try to get a quiet location when staying at the DVC properties. Among other things, this means off the bus route, especially away from any bus stops. Is it possible to get away from the bus noise at Treehouse Villas, or are they all too close to the internal bus route? Thanks.

DEB: We didn't hear much in the way of bus noise. The Treehouses are set back off the road.

Beth Coger:

Deb, your posts are very informative. I wish I had seen this blog before I booked my stay. I was very happy about staying at the THVs until I read your blog. Now I am somewhat concerned I may have made a mistake. I wanted peace and quiet, but I didn't want to be what appears to be so far away from everything. Also the interior of the THVs is not quite what I had envisioned. It was also important for us to have a full kitchen. We have six in our party, five adults and one five year old. Three are very picky eaters, so I wanted to be able to fix grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese, french toast, things like that. We will be there January 16 to January 23, 2010.

Do you think I have made a mistake? Are there other facilities that would be better? I guess what's scaring me, too, is that it takes 45 minutes to get to the park? Is that normal?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Beth Coger

DEB: Disney generally states to allow one hour when taking Disney transpo to get someplace. It's like anything else, if your timing is great and the bus you need pulls up in a couple minutes, your ride is quick than if you have to wait a cycle (20 minutes) for the next bus/boat. 45 minutes is probably accurate to say, Magic Kingdom, which is furthest from the TreeHouse Villas.

The internal bus loop at the Treehouse will take you to a bus stop at Saratoga Springs where you will then get the bus to the park of your choice (or water park or Downtown Disney).

The 3rd bedroom in the Treehouse is a bunk bed room and it is small. Sounds like perhaps 2 adults in each of the master and 2nd bedroom. The 5th adult on a pull out in the living room?

Hope this helps. Perhaps others can chime in.

Much as I love the location and the exterior, I don't love the interior at all. Not being a DVC member, it doesn't matter I guess AND thank goodness, there are resorts for every taste and pocket book at WDW :)

I loved the videos, Deb. Thank you!

nancy Reed:

Do you know if guest are allowed to rent golf carts? we stayed at the villas in the 70"s and we were able to rent them. It would be great if we could do this now as the resort is very spread out and this would be convenient.

Deb: At this point I do not believe you can rent golf carts. I will double check and correct if I find out differently. Or, if someone reading this has rented a golf cart at the Treehouse Villas, please let us know.


With regards to parking, we were told upon check in that we only get one parking spot per treehouse. We did have trouble parking one night and ended up parking in a "non" spot....we made one ourselves!! Several cars parked in the spots dedicated to our villa did not have parking passes. We did call and complain about the parking. Several minutes later, the spots opened up and we moved our car. I think this will become more clear as CM's are more familiar with this resort's specific policies and letting people know that only one car per treehouse is allowed!!

DEB: Thanks. That changed a bit from what we were told opening day. I"m sure the resort is trying to work all the kinks out. Also, parking spaces will vary depending on how many folks don't have a car with them.


Hey Deb, if that's a closet behind the main entrance door, where is the washer and dryer located?

DEB: Look in the next blog and you'll see the washer and dryer. They are on the right side of the villa across from the 2nd bedroom.

teri Hawley:

We are going to stay in the Treehouse Villa's in Dec. Can't wait. I love Disney

Chuck Calcano:

They look great! Has Disney put out any info on how much parking room is at each Treehouse? We saw the parking spaces for the accesible villas, do the others have street parking, or off street parking? Thanks.

DEB: I'll be getting some pics up soon, but all the parking is off street like the spaces you saw for the accessible villas. There seems to be enough space unless all adults in your party have a car there.

Wow - Those are gorgeous! We are going to buy into DVC this fall, BLT - but I will be sure to put these on my list to stay at!

regina baker:

this place looks awesome what will Disney think of next?

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