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September 14, 2007

Adventures by Disney - Reflections

It's been several weeks since I returned from the American Southwest. In some respects, it feels like yesterday, and then sometimes - it feels like a dream (sound familiar like a visit to Disney World?).

I have looked at the photos continually, reread my blogs and those of LindaMac and am simply amazed at the adventure. LindaLou and I keep talking about returning to Moab someday... and someday not too far away. Figuring it into our schedule is another thing LOL.

If I had to sum up the trip in just one word, I would say "VISUAL". In fact, sometimes it was visually over stimulating. There was so much to see, such incredible landscapes, colors, natural creations, that my mind can easily be flooded when I think about the trip.

38 of us lived together for a week. 2 Disney guides, 20 Adults, 16 kids, 1 bus, 1 bus driver, 3 hotels, 500 some bottles of water consumed and maybe a thousand miles!

I will admit, those first 24 hours I was wondering what I had gotten myself into with all the kids. I just wasn't used to that many in a "concentrated" area before. On the Disney Cruise Ship, it's easy to just wander to an adult only area. But, that wasn't possible here. I later found out, some of the kids were thinking the same thing in the beginning LOL. As the week progressed we all found our niches within the group and everyone came together to enjoy their vacation. Looking back now, I wouldn't trade it for anything. We met some great folks and shared some incredible experiences.

Before this trip, I found the Adventures by Disney offerings intriguing, but so expensive. Everyone I spoke with who had done an Adventure raved about it and said it was worth every penny. I had never done an organized tour before, wasn't sure what I'd think of it. I now stand with those folks and can only sing the praises about the incredible experience.

I have done National Park vacations before - planned them all our own, we did researching, reservations, driving, the whole thing. And yes, you could do it for far less money.

However - there is nothing like having "Disney" be your tour guide. Everyplace we went, our rooms were ready and our luggage was already in them! No check-in lines, our guides had us all pre-registered and handed out the keys as we entered the lobby of each hotel.

They did all the research of the places to see along the way. If there was one drawback, it was not being able to linger places or stopping at every place; but that was minor in the scheme of it all.

We had bottled water readily available to us anytime we were on the bus. No need to look for a store to purchase it or find ice and a cooler to keep it cold.

Our guides, Mike and Tiffany, were like the energizer bunnies. No matter what time of day, where we were, or what the situation - they consistently went over and above. They made the Disney Difference.

Some examples - The first night in Sedona, we told them we wanted to do a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. While they don't make any of the outside "excursion" reservations for you, they do recommend vendors to use. After calling, and getting a rude person on the other line, I asked Mike for another recommendation. He asked what the problem was, I explained and he said.. I'll call you back in a bit. On his own, he called the vendor and well, let's just say, when I called again, the person had a whole attitude adjustment. We were still unable to book what we wanted for our group size. At that point, we figured it wasn't meant to be. Yet, Mike persisted in finding us a qualified helicopter company that would meet our needs. He didn't stop until we got booked. We were amazed at his level of customer service.

Another example - One young man on the trip had to go to an emergency room in Flagstaff (we were in Sedona at the time). Tiffany and Mike did everything they could to help the family out with whatever was needed. And, as we headed on the bus from Sedona to the Grand Canyon, they talked with our great bus driver and figured out a place we could meet and pick them up.
We were treated like VIPs at almost every place we went. The Disney name goes a long way! We only had to mention at any of the hotels we were with the "Disney" group and folks couldn't do enough to make us happy.

Each stop we had local guides on the tour sharing their knowledge and expertise. They were able to answer just about any question asked and knew the special things to point out to us, things you wouldn't necessarily find in a printed guide.

It was wonderful to be able to both look at the bus windows and see the scenery along the way. Since we weren't driving, one person wasn't missing the highlights.

The Stars - the sky was so crystal clear, free of city lights and smog that the sky put on a special show each night. Lots of folks saw shooting stars at the Red Cliff Lodge. The constellations were so bright it was amazing.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. It was an Adventure as only Disney could provide. It was an incredible vacation and one that was indeed better with friends, both old and new.

So thank you Mike, Tiffany and all the folks who traveled with us. Til we meet again...

I look forward to a future Adventures by Disney vacation!

(and LindaLou)

September 18, 2007

EPCOT Turns 25!

Today, the Orlando Sentinel reports that Epcot is now having some official activities on October 1st. Special items of note include an exhibit on Epcot's 25 years and a special IllumiNations finale.

The 25th anniversary of Epcot Center (October 1st) is almost here. For many months, Disney fans wondered if Walt Disney World would pay special attention to the 25th Anniversary of what was once, a dream of Walt's. Wow, 25th Anniversary.

Some of you may recall that in January I interviewed Epcot's then Vice President Brad Rex, who informed me, no special celebration would be happening. I remember sighing when he told me that and felt disappointed.

Soon two young local Disney fans, Jenn Waitt and Adam Roth, decided if Walt Disney World was not going to officially celebrate the anniversary, they would! They began conversations on the WDWMagic message boards and realized many others felt the same way they did. From there, Celebration 25 was born. "Join us as we honor Epcot's past and prepare for its future by kicking off its next twenty five years with a bang! We hope to have you with us as we celebrate this once in a lifetime event."

The Celebration 25 event now has over 1,000 folks registered and a sold out IllumiNations Dessert Party for the evening of October 1st. Adam has garnered such attention to his celebration that he reports Epcot officials plan to have an official, but low key, ceremony to honor the anniversary.

The Celebration 25 schedule has been announced and includes the rededication ceremony, "history walks" and attraction meets.

The guest list for the Celebration 25 reads like a Who's Who of independent Walt Disney World notables. Here are just a few of the folks who plan to attend: Deb Wills and Debra Martin Koma (AllEars®) Lou Mongello (WDW Trivia), Simon and Susan (Brits Guide), John Frost (The Disney Blog), Jeff Pepper (2719 Hyperion Blog), Bryan Ripper (All about the Mouse), Lou Moulton (Beyond Mainstreet), John Corigliano (Mouse Times), of course founder Adam Roth (Dreamfinder Forever), and many more.

Speaking of Jeff, he has a great series of blogs regarding Epcot memorabilia over the years.

Also during the weekend, another Disney fan group has organized what they call, "That Epcot Thing" with events scheduled to the anniversary. Organized by Nathan Rose and Tim Devine, The Epcot Thing also has its share of notables attending including: Ron Schneider (The Original Dreamfinder), Steve Barrett (Hidden Mickey's Guide), Kendra Trahan (NFFC President and Author), Jeff Lange (Disney Historian and DVD Author), Jim Hill (MDP Guest Podcaster and Disney Insider), and Mike and Julie Neal (Complete Guide to Walt Disney World).

And for those who want to totally immerse themselves in "Disneyana" for the weekend, the NFFC - an international club for Disney Enthusiasts has the 2nd Annual NFFC Florida Disneyana Convention September 27-30, 2007 at Coronado Springs. Registration required for many events.

Pin Traders will be happy to know that Walt Disney World does plan to release special pins for the 25th Celebration.

Want to see where Celebration 25 began? Just head over to WDWMagic message boards!

September 20, 2007

Adventures by Disney Tips

I just realized I never published these. While not a comprehensive tip listing, it will hopefully help those planning a Southwestern Adventure by Disney... Linda Mac provides the Sedona tips.

Try to arrive in Phoenix the day/night before the Adventure begins. Those who flew in the same morning the tour started were very very exhausted by the time we had dinner.

Skin dries out very quickly in the Southwest. Be sure to bring lotion and use it daily!

If you have motion sensitivity bring your "sea bands" or medication with you. There are a few bus rides that were very windy and could cause problems. One is the final morning trip to the airport at Grand Junction.

When flying out of Grand Junction - it is a VERY small airport. There is only a snack bar available for beverages and food. If you have a choice of whether to have a long layover there or in a major city airport, chose the major city airport.

Hiking shoes are not needed, but boy we were glad we had them on a couple of the trails!

SEDONA TIPS by Linda Mac

If you are craving a soda like I was after the dusty Cowboys and Canyons Jeep Tour, ask for one in the Sedona Heritage Museum' gift shop. They have cans for soda for only 75 cents but they keep them cold in a back room. As the week went on, I found myself craving water and not soda. Know that is a step in the right direction for me.

If you are an early riser, consider ordering something light for room service at the Amara Resort which I know opens at 7 am, maybe earlier. The Adventurers breakfast buffet does not begin till 8 am on your first morning. The room service menu is reasonably priced. A pot of coffee with all the fixins, toasted bagel with cream cheese and jellies and plate of mixed berries was $17.00 including tax, service charge and tip. It was enough for two people.

After your Sedona Museum visit is finished, that is the time to do your shopping. Most of shops close at 6 pm. So by the time you have dinner, most of the stores are closed.

There is a 7-11 type store just across the street and to the left of the driveway of the Amara Resort.

Take a card from the resort with the phone on it AND call for a golf cart to meet you at the top of the driveway/hill when you return from dinner, especially if it is dark. The driveway down to the hotel is steep and twisty so cars can't really see you as they round the corners. And after dark, it is pitch black. There is a stairway but it is hard to find and not much better from what I was told.

Watch out for the gopher snake at the Welcome Dinner!

If you are late night snacker, take a zip-lock baggie and make a little sandwich with a dinner roll and whatever you like. I made a little snack with the beef tenderloin and horseradish sauce.

Your room includes a refrigerator and small coffee maker and comfy robes.

On the Cowboy and Canyons tour is great fun but it is dusty and hot. Leave your "good" clothes back in the room and take extra water before getting on your jeep. There will be a cooler set-up for you outside the hotel. The next time water is available will be several hours later when you arrive at the Museum. The cooler is over at the Fruit Packing House where you will have lunch.

After lunch at the museum, if you are tired or not up for arts and crafts. The walk back to town and the hotel will take about 10 minutes.

Enjoy the beds while you are at the Amara Resort and Spa. They are the best beds you will have all week.

Sedona sells T-shirts made with real Sedona red dirt. They have cute sayings like "Life's Short, Play Dirty" and Older Than Dirt". I was told it would not shrink but to wash it separately. The day I worn it, a good part of my upper body was a rusty orange color as were my under garments and waist band of my shorts.

If you want a casual, counter type of dinner on your second night there are several places just to your right as you reach the top of the Amara Resort driveway. The resort also has a Cantina there with Mexican food, it is full service but very casual. All the spots have patios with great views, including Snoopy Rock. If you want ribs, try Sally's BBQ. It is across the street from the Amara Resort driveway. Sally's has a walk-up window and limited seating. You could even take the food back to your room. The ribs are the best smoked ribs I have ever had. As I was eating them, all I kept thinking was these ribs are worth a entire trip back to Sedona. Yeah, that good, at least to me. I have already order BBQ Sauce from their website.

This is easier said then done but don't over pack. There are laundry rooms at the second and third hotel. I took DVDs to watch and books to read. Big waste of luggage space as I was too busy or too tired to use them.

Favorite souvenirs for under $10 - 2008 Sedona Calendar and a bag of Desert Rocks which taste like M&M's but look like different color pebbles you would find on the ground.

September 23, 2007

Quick Overnight to Walt Disney World

I just got back from a quick trip to WDW and I do mean quick - less than 20 hours! I had a meeting to attend on Thursday, so I took advantage of the Southwest Ding fares to fly into Orlando on Wednesday evening. I had hoped to do some exploring once I checked in, but the flight was almost an hour late arriving in Orlando.

For those of you who fly Southwest, they recently made an announcement about a slightly revised boarding process. They will still board in groups of A, B, and C; but A and B will now have 60 persons in each group. In addition each boarding pass will be numbered. So Group A 1-5 is announced and boards first. The idea is to get rid of the "cattle" call. Another change may be in the near future, giving priority seating to those paying full price for tickets.. but that's just a rumor.

The Wilderness Lodge is an awesome as always. Ranger Stan was on vacation so I didn't get to chat with him. However, Jack (from the Old Faithful Club Concierge) was filling in for him. Jack is a great Cast Member, very knowledgeable and "hosts" a fantastic Flag Family experience.

Ranger Jack

I didn't get a photo, but some of the Dansani Water bottles now have Tinker Bell and the Castle on the label.

I arrived at the Animal Kingdom Lodge early and took the opportunity to check out the Arusha Savannah. In just a few moments I saw several giraffe and zebra. The Anakole cattle were off in the distance.

Giraffes on the Arusha Savannah

Work continues at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas. Workers could be seen on both the inside halls ways (from the lobby) and outside the resort. And construction continues on the new animal barn and Kidani Disney Vacation Club Resort. (More on that in an upcoming post).

Construction Workers outside the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Inside Lodge Rooms closed off

I was able to see one of the new Disney Vacation Club Grand Villas in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. One of the Cast Members was kind enough to point out numerous "Hidden Mickeys" for me. I'll be sending the photos to fellow AllEars blogger and Hidden Mickey guru Steve Barrett! Here is a sample of what you'll find on the shower curtain.

Shower Curtain Hidden Mickey

My whirlwind tour of the Animal Kingdom Lodge and Disney Vacation Club Preview Center at Saratoga Springs was over way to quickly and it was soon time to leave for the airport.

Late last year I had applied for a CLEAR card for the Orlando Airport (one of 11 participating airports). This was my first time using the CLEAR system. It worked REALLY well!

Here's the brief description of CLEAR from their website: "Travelers who join the Clear Registered Traveler program are pre-screened for security and provided with a biometric card which allows them to pass through security faster, with more predictability and less hassle."

This program is not for everyone as you are required to supply lots of personal information as well as allow fingerprinting and iris scanning. It is $100 per year. Unless you are a frequent user of the CLEAR participating airports this program isn't for you.

I will say, it couldn't have been any simpler or quicker! I walked up to the area and identified myself. The whole process took about 5 minutes. I showed my CLEAR card, boarding pass and photo ID to the staff person. Check. Next, stand on a machine, insert my clear card, put my thumb on the slot. Check. While doing that, my shoes/feet are scanned and my thumbprint checked to match that recorded on my card. Check! or should I say CLEAR!
Then, I was escorted to the head of the security line, put my items on the belt and I was on my way. No need to remove my shoes (although TSA) can always request you do so.

Once I got to the Orlando Airport B Terminal, I noticed a few things that had changed since my last visit in April of this year. Not far from where you exit the shuttle is a kiosk for the Disney Credit card. They were giving away a non-descript white Mickey t-shirt for applying.

The eatery area is still under construction but 2 new venues have opened: Au Bon Pain and a bar and grill. Nice additions to the otherwise, McDonalds and Sabaro Pizza counters. I had a smoked turkey sandwich with Swiss Cheese from AuBon and it was very good. Fresh Romaine lettuce and tasty turkey! The salads looked good too!

Usually my flights on Southwest are very full and there is rarely an open seat near me. This time, however, I lucked out - less than 50 persons on the plane. I really got to enjoy an entire empty row! WOW! Talk about luxury!

September 24, 2007

Journey Into Imagination - Epcot Center - Celebrating 25 Years!

Tuesday's issue (September 25, 2007) of the AllEars® (weekly newsletter) has a special feature on the original Journey Into Imagination ride (Future World, Epcot) written by Lou Mongello.

As I read the draft, I found myself reminiscing about the ride and my first visit to Epcot in the early 1990s. All of a sudden I was surrounded by my postcard collection, searching for Figment cards! You're in luck!

Here are the ones I found.. They are here as a tribute to Epcot's upcoming 25th anniversary and the original Journey Into Imagination. All scans of the front of the postcards which are all copyright Disney.

blue line

Pre-opening artist rendering postcard. "With a Spark of Inspiration ." - colorful realms of creativity will be explored when guests board ride-vehicles for a Journey Into Imagination."

Journey Into Imagination Epcot Pre-opening Postcard

Journey Into Imagination Epcot Pre-opening Postcard

blue line

"Imagination - One Little Spark in Journey into Imagination, Dreamfinder and Figment escort you aboard the 'Dream Machine', enjoy a 3-D 'Magic Journeys', and the Image Works spurs creativity with light and sound."

One Little Spark in Journey into Imagination Postcard

blue line
"Catch a Dream - The Dreamfinder and his little purple pal, Figment, fly through the universe gathering sounds, shapes and colors for a Journey into Imagination."

Journey Into Imagination Postcard Epcot

blue line

"You're On Figment! Can a dragon be a star? Why not? In Journey Into Imagination, Figment puts on his top hat and tails to entertain us."

Figment Postcard

blue line

If I'm missing any Imagination or Figment postcards from the 80's or 90's, please let me know! I'd love to see them. Just use the comment link below.

Lou's article is in the September 25, 2007 edition of AllEars®, available by free subscription.

AllEars® is a weekly newsletter with feature articles, news, tips and our famous MouseyMindboggler riddle!. It is sent via email to over 90,000 subscribers. Check it out!

September 26, 2007

Epcot Celebrates 25 Years A Chat with Adam Roth

This is the 3rd in a series of blogs on Epcot's 25th Anniversary.
Epcot Turns 25!
Journey to Imagination Postcards .

Less than a week from now, Epcot will be buzzing with all the excitement! Yes, the Food and Wine Festival begins this weekend, but also Epcot turns 25 on Monday, October 1st and there is a very special 2 day event called Celebration 25.

I had the pleasure recently to chat with Adam Roth, one of the co-founders of Celebration 25, an event designed to celebrate 25 years of Epcot. Adam is a 16 year old high school junior who lives in the Orlando area. Adam wasn't even born when Epcot opened. However, there is an Epcot connection with his family. Adam's father was a reporter who covered Epcot's opening and still has a pre-opening Epcot press kit!

Adam recalled for me one of his early visits to Horizons and also talked about the Journey Into Imagination attraction, especially how much he enjoyed the Image Works. In fact, his website (Dreamfinder Forever) started as a campaign to bring back Figment's buddy the Dreamfinder.

When asked what makes Disney special, Adam explained: "I'm a passholder for many of the local parks. When I look and try to compare...I can't honestly go to Universal or Sea World every weekend, but for some reason, I can go back to Disney every weekend! With Disney, I don't get bored. It's always something new for me - something new to find and to do"

Celebration 25 was actually the idea of Jenn Waitt who started a discussion on the WDWMagic message boards. She wanted to organize something to pay tribute to the 25th anniversary of Epcot. Adam offered space on his website, Dreamfinder Forever, and that was the start.

As more people registered, Jenn and Adam were busy adding more folks to their team. "It's amazing to think that 8 months have passed since we started this and we are over 1,000 people past what we imagined," Adam explained.

The Celebration 25 team is comprised of many folks. "Jenn - came up with the idea; Jason is in charge of the IllumiNations dessert party; John Corigliano is doing several history walks; Lou Mongello is an official sponsor and has provided name tags and lanyards in addition to lots of support; Jeff Pepper another sponsor is providing the printed schedule; and there are many partner websites too."

One would think Adam had lots of experience planning events, but this is the first time he's ever done anything like this. It's amazing especially when you consider that he is also keeping up with his high school AP classes and preparing for a school trip to France at the end of October.

"What about your folks?", I inquired, "What do they think of all this?" "They're amazed!", Adam said excitedly. "I first told them about it 8 months ago, that I was going to miss school on October 1st. After I explained they said 'that's fine'. As it started to grow, they said, 'We're not missing this!"

Initial plans for the event were very small with hopes to get 200 persons signed up. The IllumiNations dessert party was the first thing the group officially organized. That was the foot in the door at Epcot. Scott Powers wrote about Celebration 25 in the Orlando Sentinel and then things really took off.

All along, it's been very important to Adam that Epcot officials be aware of the group's activities. He didn't want any issues during the event. Working closely with Epcot cast members, space has even been provided near Epcot's Kennel Club for the Celebration 25 registration tables. All registered attendees will receive a lanyard/nametag and IllumiNations dessert party attendees will have a separate identifier.

And if this isn't enough, Adam made it clear to me how important having a charity associated with the event was to him and the team. Lou Mongello's Dream Team fundraiser for Make a Wish will be the charity associated with Celebration 25. All proceeds from the Celebration 25 DVD and Scrapbook and any extra from the IllumiNations dessert party will go to the Dream Team fundraiser. "Now we can do something for the community and not just Epcot."

Adam isn't sure if all 50 states are represented in the registered attendees, but he does know that there is a large group coming from the United Kingdom. There is also a couple getting married on October 1st and rather than head off to their honeymoon, they are coming to the Celebration 25 activities and the dessert party.

According to Adam, and most of this has also been reported in the Orlando Sentinel, Epcot will have several special displays/activities to celebrate 25 years!

The Epcot Gallery in Innoventions West opens October 1st for guests and promises to be a step back through the years of Epcot's history. While it is unclear how long the gallery will be open, it sounds like through the end of this year. There will be 2 sessions with Marty Sklar. All Celebration 25 registered IllumiNations dessert party attendees will have a ticket to one of the two sessions. Disney is also planning special 25th Anniversary merchandise including t-shirts and pins.

IllumiNations will have a special "tag" after the regular show which will be a one time only tribute that's 5 minutes long. Adam shared that there will be additional fireworks, lasers, music from Epcot's past (Tapestry of Nations) and possibly Spaceship Earth used as a canvas.

And....when it's all said and done, Adam wants "to remember this as something I had a part in. I think that everyone who has been involved and everyone who has signed up has made this event so strong... I"m proud to be involved. This is one of those times we can say to Disney; this does mean something to us! I know that our presence has reminded them in a friendly way, that we do care."

I, and many others, will be in Epcot Sunday and Monday to be part of all the excitement! See you there!

September 29, 2007

Epcot and more...

My trip Thursday night started off a little iffy. Planes were very delayed due to weather in other areas. My 7:15pm flight didn't leave until 11pm! Meaning I wasn't in my room until 2:00am. Not a great way to start off a jam packed 4 day trip.

Things quickly changed for the better and it's been an amazing time thus far.

First things first.... we were up bright and early yesterday morning and headed into Epcot. I had the pleasure of meeing Officer Dave, a security guard at Epcot's International Gateway. Dave has a great voice and sang me a couple short tunes. It certainly started my day smiling! I saw him again this morning and also this afternoon.... and requested a tune and he gladly complied. Dave told me someone put a video of him on UTube.. if I find it, I'll post a link!

Security Guard Dave

I made my way over to the Wonders of Life building where the Festival Center is located this year. Unfortunatly, my arrival at 10:40am was not early enough to be seated in the first wine pairing of the day.

Line for complementary wine demonstaration

Wonders of Life Wine Seminar

Once I knew for sure I was shut out of the wine seminar, I began browsing the shop. There is a fair amount of Food and Wine Festival logo merchandise.

T-Shirt for $19.95

Food and Wine Tshirt

Food and Wine Merchandise

Chef Mickey Plush for $9.95


September 30, 2007

Epcot Friday 9/28/07 Part 2

After leaving the Festival Center at Wonders of Life I stopped in MouseGears. Folks have said there were some "retro" T-Shirts for sale and I wanted to get one.

3/4 Sleeve shirt $26.00

Yellow Retro Shirt $24.00


I inquired about the special 25th Anniversary merchandise, but Cast Members were mum. They would only say that indeed there would be special merchandise on Monday.

From here we wandered through World Showcase via Mexico. Lines were already forming and it was very early on Friday.

Our next experience was the amazing Dedication Ceremony of the American Heritage Gallery in the American Adventure. It was after the ceremony that I had my very magical moment - a photograph with Jim MacPhee and Marty Sklar!!! I was thrilled.


LindaMac has a report on the Ceremony with photos.

Epcot - Sunday 9/30/07 Part 1

For those of you wondering where the rest of Friday and all of Saturday's reports are, well, I'll have to fill them in later.

Today I want to tell you about the start of Celebration 25.
If you are just tuning in here are the previous blogs:
Part 1 - Epcot Turns 25

Journey into Imagination - a look back.

Epcot Celebrates 25 Years - a Chat with Adam Roth

blue line

This morning registration tables opened bright and early near Epcot's Kennel facility. When I arrived it was 9:40am and other folks were also still checking in. It was a very orderly process and everything went smoothly.

Here are the Roth's checking in an attendee.


blue line

It was at this time I met Adam Roth and Jenn Waitt, the Celebration 25 co-founders as well as other members of this amazing team. Here is a photo of Adam and myself.


blue line

Jenn accepts an Appreciation postcard from attendee Chris.

blue line

Matt Pezzula, event videographer, interviews a couple in front of Spaceship Earth. The team is capturing attendee memories of their first visit to Epcot.

blue line

Today's events were primarily history walks hosted by John Corigliano (Mouse Times). John did an amazing job of keeping his presentations brief and concise. I think everyone attending probably learned some new things about the Future World attractions. John would talk about the original attraction and then how it has evolved into what you see today.

The first history walk began at 11:30 at Test Track. John spoke about the World of Motion pavilion.


blue line

Next we went to Mission Space where John began with a discussion about Horizons.


blue line

The final stop in the Future World East tour was at the Universe of Energy.


Adam shares some historical facts as well.


blue line

Before breaking for lunch, Jenn, Adam, John and Matt pose for a photo.


Next up.... the Future World West tour and a surprise visitor!

Epcot - Sunday 9/30/07 Part 2

After our lunch break, the Celebration 25 history walks reconvenied at the Living Seas, or rather, the Seas with Nemo and Friends.




blue line

The Land... from Kitchen Kaberet to Food Rocks to Soarin'


blue line

Journey into Imagination becomes Journey into Your Imagination.



blue line

Spaceship Earth



blue line

A surprise guest appearance by Epcot Vice President, Jim MacPhee.




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