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2012 Food and Wine Festival Merchandise


If you're visiting Walt Disney World in the next few weeks, you'll surely be stopping by the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. When you do, you'll be impressed by the number of little specialty items you can take home as souvenirs for yourself or for favorite foodie.

There's a wide assortment of Festival logo merchandise this year, perhaps even more than in previous years. Along with the usual t-shirts (various styles/colors, but the one pictured is $31.95), caps, and tote bags, there are items for those who like to dabble in the kitchen and behind the bar, such as logo aprons ($24.95), oven mitt/potholder combos ($19.95), appetizer plates (four for $25) and shakers ($14.95).




And of course, there's Duffy the Disney Bear, in his chef's toque, sporting a Food and Wine Festival emblem ($30).

But if you're looking for more unusual items, take a look in the Wine Shop in the Festival Center. There are miniature tequila bottles painted to resemble small "Day of the Dead" skulls for $9.95. The pretty bottle of Bohae Black Raspberry Wine (Bokbunjajoo), with its Asian influences apparent, makes a nice little gift, too, and sells for just $10.95. Another interesting bottle, not necessarily for what's outside, but more for what's on the inside, is that of the Chocolate Crave liqueurs. Made by John deKuyper and Sons, these sweet spirits feature Chocolate Chili, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Cherry flavors and sell for $21.95. They've only been out about a year, and are distinctively different -- especially the Chocolate Chili. (Just remember, if you're flying home, you'll have to pack these liquid items in your checked luggage!)

If you're a fan of the Disney artist NOAH, you'll want to snap up a few of the Festival art pieces he's had a hand in designing this year. Aside from the Festival poster ($24.95), you'll find his designs, which deceptively resemble photography, but are actually paintings of bottles and wine in warm brown and golden hues, on clocks ($39.95), cutting boards, coasters, mugs, ceramic tile trivets, serving dishes and more. There are even some fine art pieces by NOAH, including some framed artwork that cost more than $1000. (OK, maybe those aren't exactly souven-ears, but they were so impressive I had to mention them -- I even spotted a Hidden Mickey in one piece.)


In addition to the merchandise specific to the event, the Festival Center has done a good job of bringing together an array of other food-related Disney-designed items in one location. Mickey, Goofy and Donald each seem to have their own distinct lines of items, including aprons, clocks, and cutting boards, all of which will make nice take-home gifts.




Happy Shopping!

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Wow! Are there really serving dishes using the Noah artwork?!?! Do you have any pictures, prices, or sku #'s for the serving dishes?? Many thanks for posting this article on the merchandise!!

DebK replies: Sorry I don't have a good photo of the dishes, or the prices -- I took a lot of photos, but couldn't get a photo of everything. The dishes I saw, though, were the long, narrow kind, if that helps at all.


Darn! We were so busy eating our way around the world, we didn't get the chance to shop! We were told the festival cookbook contained the recipe for Canada's cheddar cheese soup, and even though I'm not much of a cook, that soup was so good I would've given it a try! :)

Kimberley Royer:

Does anyone know if the
Official 2012 Food & Wine Artwork by Noah poster can be purchased now? I meant to buy one on the way out of Epcot but the store was closed...

DebK replies: I'm not sure, but you may be able to find out by contacting Disney's Mail Order Merchandise Dept. We have their info on allears.net/tp/mailorder.htm Good luck!

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