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Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

By Michelle and Liam Scribner-MacLean

Kim Possible Logo

SPOILER ALERT: We share some of the hidden surprises in Germany and Japan, so if you haven't embarked on this adventure and want to save the surprises, you might want to read this later.

As veterans of Walt Disney World, we know that there is always something more to do".some other adventure hidden around the corner, so on a recent trip, we decided to try something new just to see what it was like: the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. For us, Disney rarely disappoints, and this was no exception.

We were at WDW as a surprise trip to celebrate Liam's 10th birthday. Because he did most of the spy work on these cases, I've asked him to join me in describing this experience.

Read on and we'll tell you what we learned.

Why We Chose to Do the Kim Possible Adventure
Liam: Because it looked really fun. I had heard that you get to go around the countries in World Showcase to see these cool things. I've been to EPCOT a lot and I think I've seen everything, but I haven't been there since last August and I'd heard about this and wanted to try it.

Michelle: Liam is like his mom. He loves everything Disney and would opt to go to the parks every day for 14 hours a day, given the option. While he enjoys World Showcase, he's not always enthused about spending lots of time there. I thought this would be a great way to show us some of the many details that Imagineers built into these pavilions.

What We Thought It Would Be:
Liam: I had no idea what it would be. I thought it would be a scavenger hunt, but it ended up being better.

Michelle: I, too, thought it would be a scavenger hunt"and to be honest, I thought it might to be a bit tedious, with us running around from spot to spot, finding minute details and writing them down. However, knowing the way Disney does things, I was hoping for more of an exciting adventure".and it was.

First, we stopped off Innovations and they swiped Liam's park ticket to send us to a country to get us started. We received our Kimmunicator from a Kim Possible cart, which sent us to our first case in Germany. Here is Liam and another spy (he looked vaguely familiar) as we begin our challenge.


What We Liked:
Liam: Disney made things just for this adventure. We did two countries and one of them was Germany. In Germany, we went to the toy shop and I pressed the Kimmunicator and it told me to remember a number and a train came around with three numbers on it.

I liked all of it. I liked how the Kimmunicator worked. You pressed OK and it would make something happen in the countries. In Japan, Bebe came out of the top of the toy shop display.

Bebe - Kim Possible

At the miniature railroad, a church clock lights up.

German Church Kim Possible

Michelle: I agree. Wow! That Kimmunicator was really neat. It was a cell phone which was programmed to introduce the case that we were working on. "Spies" are walked through five or six different tasks around the countries, each of which showed Liam and I things that we'd hardly noticed other times we'd visited the countries.

Here's the thing that was really cool about this little device".Often when you got to a certain area to follow up on a clue, the Kimmunicator will ask you to look at a certain spot and press a button on the phone. In the toy store in Germany, a train drove by with a special code and the little clock lit up at the miniature railroad. We loved it!
This is at the end of the Germany adventure. You'll need to use your communicator to look up at this balcony for a surprise.

Germany Kim Possible

Another thing that I liked was that this was a great way to kids and adults to have fun together. I went into it thinking that I would just let Liam do everything, but after the first few tasks, I was really engaged and interested to see what the next surprise was.

Each adventure took about 30 - 45 minutes to complete, but since we didn't have anything definite on the agenda, it was a great way to spend our time in EPCOT.

What We Didn't Like:
Liam: I liked everything. I thought it was fun.

Michelle: I have only two little criticisms. First, it may have just been my old mom ears, but I had difficulty hearing some of the things that the characters were saying on the Kimmunicator.

Second, the "cases" didn't really flow well in terms of storyline, but the excitement of seeing all the fun things pop up and turn on offset that.

Would We Do It Again:
Liam: Yes! I didn't get to do all of the countries and I'd like to try it again because there were a lot of surprises and things popped out. I think that kids and adults will enjoy it if they do it.

This is a really cool thing that happens in Japan. It tells you to look at a black rock and this appears.

Japan Rock Kim Possible

This is another cool thing in Japan. This lights up when you push the Kimmunicator.


Michelle: Definitely. We did only two of the seven adventures and I am looking forward to taking on more villains and helping Kim Possible solve crimes.

This is a really fun experience for kids and parents alike and a new way to have fun and look at some details you may have missed at World Showcase.

Find out more about the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure!

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My daughter and I did 7 of the cases when we were there in June (yes, I was exhausted at the end) and we loved it. I wanted to mention that there are different "clues" in each country that you may encounter. We did the Japan and Germany also, but did not get the clock in the railroad or the light in the second picture from Japan (we did get the symbol on the rock and the number on the train in the German toy shop). I'm sure this is so that it can be played again - as my daughter wants to do!


Michelle and Liam,
Thanks for a great post! I really enjoyed playing Kim Possible in Norway, but as a tip to your fellow readers, I was with my 4 year old triplets who really didn't get into it too much. Yes, I did hold out hope that they would. They have, however, asked to do it again after they did a lot of asking if we were done yet. I think it was just a touch too long for such young kids (I had no idea how long it was myself).
Keep up the great work!


My son (age 9, with ADHD) and I (age 53) did this at the end of August in 95 degree heat. My son was in charge of the Kimmunicator and had never been to Epcot before, AND wasn't looking at a map. At the end of each mission, he randomly chose the next country to visit on the Kimmunicator. SO we ended up backtracking all over World Showcase in the sweltering heat!!!! (I didn't know we had a choice of 3 countries to go to next!) I finally made a joking complaint to a cast member, and was told that WE had the choice of country to go to next. Needless to say, my son and I pulled out the map and did the missions in the order of countries! I was completely exhausted at the end of the day and we didn't even stay for Illuminations. We did missions in China, Germany, Japan, Morocco, and Great Britain. Then we cooled off in Canada. Going commando in August? Not too smart but we had a ton of fun anyway!!! And we got to see things I know he would not have had the patience to stop for if we were just touring. (Like Voices of Liberty, taiko drummers and British Invasion) We did drink 2 gallons of water - no joke! And we capped off our evening with dinner with Mickey and friends at the Garden Grill. We even found the incredible hidden mickey on the mural in the restaurant. This was one of my best days ever in WDW, and my son really enjoyed it too!

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