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Capturing the Magic The All Ears Way

by Mike Scopa and Michelle Scribner-MacLean

Capture the Magic is a Tagrel Community MouseFest ritual that answers the age old questions: How many people can you find with Disney tattoos in the Magic Kingdom, is it possible to persuade guests to form a chorus line and do high kicks, and can you convince cast members to use their bodies to spell out the word "Mickey" in Liberty Square?

Picture this: several Walt Disney World veterans wearing matching shirts, running all around the World in a photo scavenger hunt for which the only prize for winning is a year's worth of bragging rights.

We decided to tag along as our All Ears Team, composed of our fearless leader, Deb Wills, and team members Linda, Gloria, Laura, Andrea, and Lisa tried to score points and beat the clock in this 90 minute challenge.

Two AllEars reporters grabbed their camera, notebook, and running sneakers as we tried to catch up with this energetic crew. Here are a few of the memories that we captured as they tried to work as a team to Capture the Magic.

AllEars team takes off!
With time of the essence, the AllEars team rushes to their first clue led by team photographer Lisa Berton. They were fast - even though both reporters are training for Disney races and found it a challenge to keep up with this determined crew.

AllEars Capture the Magic

The Eyes Have It
At one stop in Tomorrowland, the AllEars team members consider changing the name of our website to AllEyes.net.


Sharing Disney knowledge
The AllEars Brain Trust deciphers the next clue.


Abbey Road
The AllEars rendition of the Abbey Road album cover, as they follow their fearless leader to the next task.


When You Least Expect It, Disney Magic Happens
The AllEars Team shows that there is strength in numbers as they lift Merlin's Sword.


Are there enough coins in the world to ensure our beloved AllEars team wins this scavenger hunt?


The AllEars Rendition of the Dream Team
What exactly is it about the Hall of Presidents that makes you sleepy? Even being outside this attraction (currently closed for refurbishment) seems to make our fearless team members want to take a nap.


Checking to See What is Left
Keeper of the clues, Linda Eckwerth, keeps the crew on track while she checks to see what is left.


A Cast of Thousands Tried to Help Them Meet Their Goal
During the competition, the AllEars Team and some cast members got a big kick out of this stop on the scavenger hunt.


They're a Little Bit Country
A country jamboree AllEars style!


Really Minnie Mouse?
With 15 minutes to go and exhaustion setting in, the AllEars team apparently started to see imaginary characters (your humble reporters, however, noticed nothing".hmmmm).


Doing the Holidays the Disney Way
When on Main Street, U.S.A., it's always the right time to break out into hardy renditions of your favorite holiday classics.


See Ya Real Soon!
Although they may not have won, the AllEars crew had a wonderful team-building experience and got to see the Magic Kingdom in a different way.


We are very proud of their efforts on behalf of the entire AllEars team and these reporters are grateful to have tagged along during this spirited (and, at times downright strange) trip through the Magic Kingdom.

The previous post in this blog was Musings From A Newly-Dubbed MouseFest Veteran.

The next post in this blog is Tales of a Reluctant Runner: Part 3: Training Completed.

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Is there any way to get a copy of that scavenger hunt? I was not able to attend Mousefest and have a grand gathering in August--it sure looks like fun!

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The next post in this blog is Tales of a Reluctant Runner: Part 3: Training Completed.

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